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The Wholly Well Podcast

Hosted by: Kelsey Jack, FNTP

The Wholly Well Podcast is a space to feel empowered to believe in your body, start making choices that benefit your individual health needs, and start to achieve your goals in ways that lead to long-term, sustained...

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Gut Health & Healing with Molly Pflederer - Episode 6

If you’re a human, this episode is for you! Don’t let the title fool you. While we absolute dive deep into gut health and healing, the principles Molly and I chat about extend to so much of life. I’m thrilled to share...
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Postpartum Recovery & Hormones - Episode 5

As a new mom, I found postpartum to be a shocking series of events with my hormones, body, and emotions. Navigating this period of life on sparse sleep — and unrealistic expectations — I not only floundered but felt...
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The Courage to Choose Differently (with Cameo Pierce) - Episode 4

How do you feel about your health journey right now? Overwhelmed?Defeated?Inconsistent?A hot mess? 😅You're not alone! Those are common themes I hear so many clients repeating. That's why I knew we had to record THIS...
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Can We Transform Healthcare? Dr. Hansen Thinks So, and He's Got a Near Perfect Solution for Doing So & How Ozone and Ultraviolet Therapies Can Take Your Health to the Next Level

Episode #5

Dr. Clayton Hansen who owns Hansen Health Solutions in San Antonio, TX.Clayton graduated from his chiropractic training in 2010. Clayton was selected to train at one of the best practices in the country in Naples, FL....
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Catching Up with Cait Crowell from What Cait Ate

Episode #4

Cait Crowell lives outside of Denver, CO with her husband Stuart and her adorable french bulldog Denali. Many of ya’ll know her from instagram where you can find her @whatcaitate. I’ve come to know Cait both in person...
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What is Nutritional Therapy and Why Six Key Foundations are the Roadmap to Achieving Optimal Health

What is "Nutritional Therapy"?Optimal health is everyone’s goal! But as we make our way through life, we often develop symptoms of ill health and feel a loss of vitality.Nutritional Therapy Practitioners dig deep to...
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Welcome to The Wholly Well Podcast

You’re listening to the Wholly Well podcast, where we talk all things holistic health + wellness, my goal is for you to feel empowered to believe in your body, start making choices that benefit your individual health...
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Five Things I Want You to Know about Me

There are five things I want my audience to know about Kelsey Jack, functional nutritional therapy practitioner and how I got where I am today. Obviously I can't say these five things are solely responsible for who I...
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