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The Courage to Choose Differently (with Cameo Pierce) - Episode 4

How do you feel about your health journey right now?




A hot mess? 😅

You're not alone! Those are common themes I hear so many clients repeating. That's why I knew we had to record THIS podcast episode.

Today’s guest is someone I admire so much: my friend Cameo Pierce. I call her the female James Clear, but she truly shines in mindset, systems, and habits. Cameo and I connected on social media and have since been able to grab coffee in person, too. I always look forward to her message on holistic health and mindset and knew she needed to be a guest here on the Wholly Well Podcast!

Cameo’s story is many of our stories. She found herself the product of a messy life: steeped in poor habits, poor relationships, and a poor mindset. Several years ago, she decided she wanted to choose differently. You’ll hear more of her story in our chat about how she made the choice to change.

In this episode, we talk about the courage to choose differently, what to do when you feel defeated in your health journey, and if balance really exists in life. I know you’re going to connect with Cameo’s practical yet powerful tips surrounding goal setting, social media, and mindset habits!

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