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PART 1: Thyroid Health & the Vitamin D Myth with Michael Rutherford - Episode 7

We have a wealth of knowledge to sit with today, friend! In this episode, I chat with my friend Michael Rutherford. Michael and I connected via the great land of Instagram, where he shares holistic health practices as The Thyroid Coach.

From a young age, Michael was no stranger to extreme digestive issues. IBS contributed to horrible quality of life. He was consuming 2000mg of Ibuprofen daily, with constant pain and non-existent energy. It wasn’t until a conversation with his dad that he was led down the path of diet changes and holistic approaches. Through this, he experienced healing change. Now a champion for nutrition and health, he equips men and women through training, coaching, and community at Fundamenta Wellness. Michael lives in the Pacific Northwest with his twin boys.

Today we share part one of a two-part conversation surrounding thyroid health, signs and symptoms of thyroid dysfunction, as well as busting the myth of supplementing with Vitamin D. You may want to open your notes app or grab a pen, you’re about to learn a LOT!

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