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Mental Health Myths with Erin Kerry - Episode 10

We are in for a huge treat on this episode, friends. Erin Kerry, a certified integrative nutrition health coach and survivor of mental illness, joins me to talk all things mental health.

As a survivor of bipolar disorder, Erin has been medication-free for 6 years and counting, after addressing the root triggers that caused her so much mental instability early in her life. Because of this, she believes everything in our body is connected, and that a whole body approach is key to managing our health. Erin runs a nutrition coaching business, Sparking Wholeness, and lives in Tyler, TX with her three children and husband who is a pastor/counselor.

As you can see, Erin and I share similar perspectives on whole body health! Today we talk about five mental health myths, the contribution genes and our environment make to our bodies, and how to advocate for yourself on your health journey.  I know you’re going to be encouraged by this conversation!

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