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PART 1: Neuro-Inflammation, Parasites, & Heavy Metals, Oh My! (with Michael McNeal) - Episode 11

I’m excited to welcome my friend Michael McNeal to the podcast today! He brings a dynamic, smart, and funny voice to the show that I know you’re going to love. Michael’s story includes a traumatic brain injury, type 2 diabetes, and Tourette's syndrome at a young age. Through a dedicated journey, he has overcome those struggles and now leads others to hope and healing. Michael is a certified holistic health coach specializing in diabetes, mold, parasites, lyme, detoxification, and more. He also is a Cellcore Practitioner, which is how he and I originally connected!

In part one of our two-part conversation, Michael and I talk about his story and road to healing, neuro-inflammation, parasites, heavy metals, carbon technology, and being “perfect” with our health. Buckle up, this is a good one friends!

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