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Intentional Entrepreneurship with Sean Bean - Episode 13

New series alert! The next few episodes of The Wholly Well Podcast will feature voices of entrepreneurs to equip and educate us all. Whether you’re a business owner or not, the principles and practices we talk about in these episode will inspire you to live more wholly well in all areas of your life. I’m thrilled to be kicking this series off with a dear friend of our family: Sean Bean!

Sean is the owner of Sola-Lite in San Antonio, Texas. He is passionate about helping people, businesses, and organizations realize their full potential. Sean enjoys building dynamic teams around a common goal where everyone knows the role they play and are motivated to accomplish the goal. He’s a husband and dad of three, as well as a fellow enneagram seven! (So you know this one will be fun!)

In this episode, we talk about perspectives and lenses to apply to your business, how to identify your life plan, balancing work and personal life, and overcoming the stress that can come along with the daily grind. I know you’re going to leave this episode inspired to live more intentionally!

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