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Embracing Seasons in Motherhood & Business with Emily Rawls - Episode 17

Another Wholly Well episode is here in our entrepreneur series, and my guest, Emily Rawls, is a special one for me to share with you! Emily and I met a LONG time ago at a The Shins concert. After both attending Baylor University (Go Bears!) and moving back to the same town, we reconnected through church and Beautycounter.

Emily is a 35-year-old momma to 3 littles, wife to a woodworker + craftsman, and an advocate for safer beauty. She’s also a woman who exudes intentionality, and I know you’re going to leave this episode better for it.

Today Emily and I talk about overcoming stereotypes in the entrepreneur world, leaning into your season, the impact of motherhood on business, and so much more! Whether you’re a mom or not, I believe you’ll walk away from this episode with practices that will help you thrive in your current season. I hope you enjoy!

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