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Decentralized Food, Meaningful Entrepreneurship, & Becoming Better Humans with Colin Stuckert - Episode 18

Hello, friends! Today we’re nearing the close of our entrepreneur series with a conversation I’m excited to share with my guest, Colin Stuckert, Founder of Wild Foods Co and The Better Human Co, as well as the host of the Better Human Podcast. I read so much of his work, so having the opportunity to talk with him was really fun!

Colin believes in freedom and sovereignty for every human. He believes in the individual. He is an entrepreneur, podcaster, writer, and fiercely independent thinker focused on finding truth and challenging the broken status quo.

Today, Colin and I talk about living a life on purpose, how to think on our own, why we have to get our mental game under control, his current entrepreneurial endeavors to create decentralized, self-sustaining communities, and so much more. Can’t wait for you to listen!

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