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Creating a Life You Love with Matthew Allyn - Episode 21

Note: Today’s episode does have some language in it! Wanted you to be aware in case you’re listening around kids.

Today’s guest will wake you up, so get ready friends! Matthew Allyn is a vibrant human being (seriously), a pro risk-taker, entrepreneur, fitness fanatic and general life enthusiast. He’s also a coach who helps various people across all paths of life step into monetizing their passion.

After graduating with a civil engineering degree and pursuing the corporate life for 3 years, he hit his quarter-life crisis which led him to riding his bike across the United States in 2016. At the end of that trip, he truly realized that life was journey not a destination. He vowed to pursue daily happiness and no longer work for someone else’s dream or someone else’s idea of “success.” In 2018, he quit civil engineering in NYC and moved to Denver, CO to finally pursue his passion as a Personal Trainer. Since then he has founded the Personal Trainer Business Accelerator, a 90-day mentorship to help personal trainers grow to earning 10k months and is now helping the dispassionate employee quit their corporate job to pursue their passion full time.

In our episode today, we’re talking about the courage to make a change, how the pursuit of happiness impacts everything, where to start if you’re ready to create a life you truly love, and so much more. I can’t wait to hear what inspires you as you listen!

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