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Psoriasis, Traditional Foods, & Intuitive Eating with Jake Marotta - Episode 23

You are going to LOVE today’s episode with my new friend, Jake. He has an amazing story of helping heal his body from severe Psoriasis, and now helps others heal through his program. While he doesn’t guarantee healing, he believes consistency & faithfulness can reap rewards for sure. 

Jake Marotta is the creator of Natural Psoriasis Healing. After years of battling with moderate to severe psoriasis, Jake made the amazing discovery that if he wanted to overcome his skin condition and take back control of his life, he needed to adopt a holistic approach and address symptoms from the inside out. This discovery is what eventually led him to develop the 3 pillar skin health reversal system that has allowed him to maintain great skin health long-term and help many others do the same in the process.

In this episode, we’re talking about:

  • Traditional / real foods 
  • Supporting your metabolism through eating 
  • Fad diets & how to leave yo-yoing behind
  • Supplements that can help support your body’s healing
  • The proper place for detoxing
  • How to avoid being consumed with healing / health

I can’t wait for you to hear this fun conversation with Jake. Let me know what you learned!

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