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PART 2: Is Your Home Making You Sick? All About Mold with Jason Earle - Episode 25

Part 2 is coming in hot, but before we get there…did you listen to part one?! If not, go back and listen to Part 1 of this episode, where we talk all about mold misnomers, indoor air quality, mildew, mold myths, and childhood illness. You will not regret it.

Now for today’s episode we get even MORE practical, and I love it! Take a deep dive with us into mold remediation, practical steps on how to keep the mold at bay in your home, and more on indoor air quality. Jason shares some practical steps we ALL can take to make our homes safer.

Remediation can seem like such a beast (and it can be!!) but catching it early along with knowing what you’re looking for is SO important. You’ll find Jason explains that so well here. Listen in for some great remediation tips, what you should be looking for in your home, and when you need to start. I can’t wait to hear what you learn from it.

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