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Building Muscle, Losing Fat, & Realistic Health Goals with Jordan Lips - Episode 26

Note: Today’s episode does have some language in it! I wanted you to be aware in case you’re listening around kids.

Welcome back to the Wholly Well Podcast! I’m SO glad you’re tuning in for today’s episode!

My guest this week is Jordan Lips, a health coach and personal trainer. This episode is a whole lot of fun, as we are chatting about some things like specific weight-lifting and realistic health goals that we haven’t talked about on this podcast before!

Jason got started in this industry after graduating college when he pushed his LSATs back and started training at a local gym. He found out right away it was made for him, and he got certified as a personal trainer shortly thereafter. After growing a thriving in-person business, he transitioned to more virtual work so he could reach even more clients seeking growth and life change. He is an inspirational coach that you’re going to love!

In today’s episode, we talk about being empowered to make choices that benefit your individual needs and not just subscribing to whatever culture is telling us is the next big health trend. We also dive into specific health goals, like what to do if you want to gain muscle, lose fat, how hormones and weight loss are intertwined, and much more.

Grab a cup of coffee (with collagen and cream, of course) and listen in. It’s a light-hearted easy listen and I think you’ll leave inspired and empowered!

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