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Are you ready to restore your body to a cleansed and purified state? 

Transform your energy and vitality by combining simple, powerful detox practices with the Deep Detox Program.

8 weeks of powerful detox methods to support your body at a cellular level. 

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What is Deep Detox?

Deep detox is an 8 week self-paced program featuring 8 key steps in detoxing from the inside out. Detox has become an exciting buzz word on the internet and strong highlight within wellness communities, but what does it really mean? The industry is laden with hundreds of “diets” and short-term solutions out there to sort through, so I will shed some light on what it really means to detoxify your body, rejuvenate your cells, and what to look for when choosing your own path. Transform your energy and vitality by combining simple, powerful detox practices into your every day routine.
All The Tools You Need to Feel Empowered at Home.

No More Guessing or Piecemealing.

Each week you will receive an Email from me highlighting the current week's focus and how to implement these practices into your daily life. Detox doesn't have to be complicated, but it does need to be intentional.

This program features some of the most time tested and high level detox practices you've been wanting to try but need practitioner guidance to accomplish.

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Are you sick of fads and one off solutions, and want something that supports you holistically and completely; a detox plan you can rely on for years to come?

Do You Feel/Struggle with:

☑️Skin Rashes
☑️Food Intolerances
☑️Chronic Pain
☑️Gut Distention
☑️Gut Dysfunction
☑️Erratic Energy 
☑️Crave more energy and
vitality to move through your days

➡️Are you busy and need a simple, and
do-able approach to detox that compliments your on-the-go lifestyle?

➡️Aren’t in the habit of putting yourself first

➡️Don’t want to spend thousands of dollars at premier wellness clinics but do want access to the tools shared there

Deep Detox is doable, simple, straight-forward and most importantly, sustainable. 


You know the days when you feel strong, and vibrant, clearheaded and focused? The way you want to feel every day?



Maybe those days are few and far between. Unfortunately for most of us, that feeling doesn’t stick around for long. It’s easy succumb to stressors, burnout, overwhelm, fatigue, and reach for the nearest easy snack and nap routine.

And understandably so...

You’re busy. You have a career. Family. Passions. People who rely on you.

And many times, your health comes 2nd and when you do have a moment to try, you feel paralyzed and stuck, resulting in decision fatigue and overwhelm.

Let's change that (for good).  



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So, what did I discover that inspired me to create and share the Deep Daily Detox Program?

My Why:

Soon before getting married I became medically injured by the HPV vaccine.  I broke out in full body skin lesions, developed chronic anxiety, chronic UTIs, and severe adrenal fatigue. After getting pregnant with my daughter, I developed severe insomnia, and after a traumatic labor, noticeable PTSD.

Completely fed up with the traditional medical model of care, and getting an “answer” that always included a prescription or bandaid, I went on a quest to get real answers and find true healing. My passion is now to help others save hours of research, trial and error, and guessing, and really get to the root cause of their health struggles.

The Reality:

We live in a toxic world; from chemicals in our cars, homes, and food to personal care products and even the air we breathe.

These toxins take up residency in our bodies and alter the natural function and fullest expression of health.

By incorporating deep detox habits, you create a sustainable and replicable system to keep your body strong, healthy, and free of disease. How exciting is that? It’s not just one thing that will flip the switch from tired, bloated, brain fog, cravings, and irritability to grounded, energized, empowered, and embodied but a consistent application of daily practices.

It’s up to each of us to take radical responsibility to find the tools to support ourselves and our families to create radiant, vibrant health.
And that is exactly what this course will do for you.

Each week has just one focus, i.e. hydration, enemas, or nutrition. Along with the lesson, comes the key to learning, which is application and accountability. There will be a weekly challenge where you are encouraged to share online and in our private Facebook group. I want to hear from you, support you, and encourage you!


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In The 8 Week Deep Detox Program We Will Cover:


Week 1: True Hydration , Clean Water, Hydrogen Water + Ozone Therapy

Week 2: Light & Infrared Therapies

Week 3: Nutrition & Blood Sugar Stability for Liver Optimization

Week 4: Movement & Lymphatic Drainage

Week 5: Sleep & Nervous System Regulation

Week 6: Liver & Drainage Pathways

Week 7: Coffee Enemas

Week 8: Supplementation

What's Included in the
Deep Detox Program?

  • 8-Week Detoxification Plan: Located in a members-only password protected website and arrives in your inbox every week.

  • Guides, Resources & Downloads: Every module has a guide to breakdown the lesson and action item for that week making it easy, fun, and simple.

  • Lifetime Access: Once you purchase, you have lifetime access to this program. The content is always available in the members-only page and you are welcome to take part in this program again whenever you desire.

  • Likeminded-Community of Health Centric Individuals: Access to The Deep Daily Detox members-only Facebook group. This is where you can chat with other members, post photos, ask questions, or simply reach out for support.

  • Support: Accountability from Kelsey, during your 8-week course. I usually charge $500+/hour for my private clients, however, you will have access to me for questions throughout these 8 weeks (included in the cost of the program) via the private community group.

  • Weekly Challenge: In addition to sharing the WHY behind each step of the detoxification process, you will have a weekly challenge to hold yourself, and others, accountable throughout this program.


What Benefits Can You
Look Forward to?

 More Energy
Weight Loss
Clearer Thinking
Glowing Skin
Better Sleep
Improved Digestion
Clearer, Sound mind



You will massively reduce the toxic load on your body that has built up over years.

You will expel waste
, sweat out chemicals, oxygenate + hydrate your cells, and nourish your body with nutrient rich foods.

Your body will love you back in ways you never thought possible.

A renewed clarity will have a positive effect throughout your family, your work, and your overall experience of life.

You will literally see the world through clearer, cleaner, fresher eyes.


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One of the main ways that the body cleanses itself of toxins is through your incredibly hardworking liver, which may be riding the struggle bus.

This is why several of the practices you will learn over the next 8 weeks is to properly support the liver to do what it innately knows to do: detox without being impaired or bogged down with excess toxins.

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Testimonials are proof in the pudding and deep daily detox students have a lot to say about how this program has helped them get their vitality back.

"I've struggled with brain fog for close to 4 years. I worked one on one with Kelsey which was an absolutely incredible experience. But, it's been a year and my body has been telling me through symptoms that it's time for a deep detox. Kelsey's program is straightforward, thorough and DOABLE. Worth every penny and I highly recommend! "


Kelly C.

"Being a mom of 3, I knew I needed to do a detox but felt overwhelmed by other programs and honestly, I got sick of how many steps there were! I found Kelsey through her Instagram and after reading more about the Deep Detox program, I enrolled and my life has changed. I no longer struggle with mommy brain/brain fog, dysfunctional hormones and my sleep has taken a 180."


Sarah D.

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A Little More about Me & My Passion in Helping YOU Reclaim Whole Health: 

 Hi, I'm Kelsey Jack! Functional holistic practitioner and owner of Wholly Well. I created this program because of my own experiences with chronic fatigue, insomnia and anxiety quite frankly, this is the program I wish I would have had going through my own fatigue, mood imbalances and sleep struggles. Six years of trial, error and learning more about fatigue, sleep and anxiety than I sometimes like to admit.

My Mission for you: to banish fatigue, reclaim sleep and experience massive transformation in every area of your life by getting to the root cause.

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